Where We Work

Where we work

We provide funding awards to advocate and victim therapeutic services in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.



How we work

We raise funding 3 different ways:
1) Hosting events and fundraisers such as Battle of the Bands and the Yahweh Music Festival
2) Partnerships with Businesses
3) Donations from individuals like you!
We designate a specific advocacy or therapeutic organization in the local area for each event and partnership. That means if you or your business would like to partner with us, you can choose an child sex abuse advocacy organization to have the proceeds directed towards. Since Battle 4 Children's Charities is a 501c3 organization, all donations are tax deductible.

Host An Event

If your business or church would like to host an event to promote awareness of child sex abuse and victims services or host an event to raise funds for victims services you can contact us at battlebands4children@comcast.net    Please include the name, address and contact person and number.  Include your vision of the event and the organization you would like donations to be directed to.

In the past, Battle 4 Children's Charities has done events such as Battle of the Christian Bands where several local bands compete for prizes that are donated.  Attendees hear from detectives, therapists, victims and more throughout the event regarding child sex abuse in their local area.

Arthur Salvagno, President of Battle 4 Children Charities speaks at events throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware from his experience and knowledge with over 12 years specializing in handling child sex abuse cases and working with the victims' advocacy services.