Partnership Opportunities

Businesses and individuals have a unique opportunity to partner with Battle 4 Children's Charities to host events, donate proceeds, and volunteer at major events.  Churches have the opportunity to partner with us by hosting Battle of the Bands, raising funding, and hosting awareness events.


We the community, in becoming aware of the signs, symptoms and circumstances surrounding child sex abuse can bring our cities into the light, where shadows no longer exist for perpetrators to hide.  It begins with awareness and advocation.

Therapeutic services

Prompt therapy is key to the process of healing for any victim of abuse.  The resilency of young children helps them in the healing process, but only if the abuse is brought out in the open and therapy is entered right away.

Advocacy services

Victims and their families rely on advocacy and crisis services to be on the front lines fighting against the epidemic of child sex abuse by creating a holistic approach to addressing not only judicial issues, but also the support services needed.

Our mission: to bring closure, healing and wholeness to child sexual abuse victims, their families, and the community.